The Group

Founded in 1986, TECNOVE has vast experience in transforming, fitting out and manufacturing refrigerated and isothemal, armoured and special vehicle bodies.



TECNOVE has modern covered facilities in an area of 440,000 m2, and over 155,000 m2 of open space.

In the last 6 years TECNOVE has employed an average of 1,100 people, fmanufacturing 7,900 units for the automotive sector alone, working for a variety of sectors such as refrigerated transport, health care, radio, television, mobile communications, safety, education and culture, the army, shows and leisure, workshop vehicles, etc.

From its beginnings, TECNOVE's business philosophy has always been to:

  • Serve the customer.
  • Be a well-defined organisation.
  • Have an integrated, specialist work team as a key element for the strength of our organisation.
  • Implement ongoing training.
  • Promote quality.
  • Respect and conserve the environment.
  • Research new technologies and new manufacturing procedures.

We are therefore well-placed to tackle projects which fully satisfy our customers' needs.

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